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Department of Environmental Design


  Chair: Qiu Jingliang

  Associate Chair: Hao Weiguo , Wang Jing , Zhao Wei



I. Development History

  The department of environmental design was founded in 1998, began to recruit undergraduate students in 1999, and began to recruit art graduate students in 1986. Currently, environmental design major annually recruit about 45 undergraduates; it has the right of granting master’s degree in design and art and recruit about 15 graduates every year; it also has the right of granting Ph.D. degree in building environmental designing and recruit about four Ph.D. students every year. Considering the social demands for talented person of environmental design and the extensiveness of professional teaching knowledge, students can have competence the work of designing, teaching, researching and managing in field of Landscape art design, interior art design and public art design, etc. in relevant departments of building environment designing and city art designing.

II. Faculties of the Department

  Now there are 18 professional teachers in the department of environmental design, including four professors, five associate professors and nine lecturers, and more than half of them have PhD degree. The teaching group consists of teachers who are majoring in environmental designing, architecture, town and country planning, landscape, etc.

III. Research Directions

  The main research direction includes building environment art, interior environment art, landscape design and public art, etc. The training of academic graduates aims at improving students’ competence of theoretical innovation and academic literacy and focuses on the forefront of technological development and the large demands of society. The training of art graduates underlines practical competence, designing competence and innovating competence. The excellent teaching tradition let the graduates win a lot of praise and good reputation.

IV. Major Achievements

  The researching achievements in this department are excellent these years and the teachers and students win a lot of awards. In the last five years, the backbone teachers undertook 16 vertical issues and also won a great many of awards.