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Institute of Architectural History and Theory


Director:Ding Yao

Deputy Director: Zhang Fengwu, Yang Jing, Hu Lian 


I. Development History

  Since its inception the Institute of Architectural History and Theory has been adhering to the purpose of inheriting the tradition, keeping innovation and seeking truth from facts, and it explores the extensive combination of production study and research. On one hand, it undertakes the teaching tasks for undergraduates and postgraduates on courses like Chinese architectural history, global architectural history, Chinese ancient architecture surveying and measuring, conservation of cultural heritage, conservation of modern industrial heritage, interpretation of traditional building technology, and cultural architecture; on the other hand, it inherits and develops the long history course of Chinese ancient architecture surveying and measuring, which entitles “excellent course” both in Tianjin and China. On this basis, the institute expanded the research and practice in collecting, researching, preservation, utilizing and supervising cultural relics architecture information, explores the multi-discipline cooperation, and achieves plentiful fruits in teaching, scientific research, practice and international cooperation and communication. Consequently, a large number of professional heritage preservation professionals, architects and planners with strong awareness of heritage preservation as well as perfect professional cultivation have been cultivated. 

II. Faculties of the Institute

  Currently, there are 15 teachers in the institute, including 5 professors, 3 associate professors, and 7 lecturers. As to their age structure, 1 teacher more than 60, 1 teacher between 50 and 60, 3 teachers between 41 and 50, and 10 teachers between 30 and 40. We are a team with highly academic level, including Wang Qiheng, the national-famous professor; Xu Subin, the” talent of the new century” by Ministry of Education; and the teaching group of the national level. The degree level of our team is high: 12 are PhD and the 3 are master, and our education backgrounds are internationally: 3 have PhD degree in Japan, including one Japanese, 1 has PhD degree in France, two people once had further study in Europe and one people once had further study in America.

III. Research Directions

  Chinese ancient architecture and garden; Historiography; Iconology; Theory and practice of heritage preservation; Research and preservation of modern industrial heritage; Information collecting of ancient architecture, and so on. 

IV. Major Achievements

  Over 20 monographs have been published, in which 2 was awarded as major projects of national social science foundation--- The Collection and Database Construction of Literature about Chinese Ancient Architecture Building, and The Research of Preservation System on China’s Industrial Heritage in Early Modern Times. Over 10 items won national natural science fund, including one key project---The Comprehensive Research of Architectural Activities of Lei Family in Qing Dynasty. Meanwhile, we compiled the mapping rules of landmarks according to the “compass plan” proposed by State Administration of Cultural Heritage. In 2008, it was approved to establish key scientific research base on heritage architecture drawing by State Administration of Cultural Heritage. In 2010, it was approved to establish key scientific research base on humanistic and social science of Tianjin colleges and universities. In 1989, the ancient architecture drawing won national grand prize for its excellent teaching results, and the first prize in Tianjin. In 2009, our teaching team on ancient architecture drawing won the title of “national teaching team”. Professor Wang Qiheng was awarded “national teaching master” in 2003 (the sole national teaching award in architecture industry), and “teaching master” of Tianjin; and he also won the “architecture teaching” award granted by Architectural Society of China(the highest award in the career of Chinese architectural education). Professor Xu Subin awarded first prize for its excellent scientific achievements (the highest prize in career of philosophy and social science in China). In 2011, she won two awards in Japan: Japanese Architecture prize and Architectural History prize, which are the highest prize in Japan, and she was also the first foreigner to win these prizes as to Japan.