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General Situation


  The international communication of the School of Architecture of Tianjin University is aimed at promoting cooperation and communication between the School and overseas universities, multinational corporations, academic institutions and distinguished scholars. It also provides services for teachers and students to engage in international cooperation such as international education, scientific researches, subjectand subject construction. BesidesMoreover, it builds the platform for foreign exchange and cooperation. The duties are as follows:

International Communication: 

  Establish and develop the friendly and cooperative relations with overseas universities, academic organizations, research institutions and transnational corporations;

  Manage the cooperation and communication programs with overseas universities, academic organizations, research institutions and transnational corporations;

  Coordinate learning, internship and short-term exchange programs with overseas partners for students;

  Invite, arrange and receive overseas groups and friendly scholars to come for academic communication, visits and tours;

  Organize and coordinate international academic conferences hosted or sponsored by the School;

  Undertake foreign contact work in important groups’ visiting;

  Undertake translation work for foreign exchange activities;

  Deal with the letters and information from international communication;

  Construct, maintain and update the Chinese and English websites, and the Chinese website for the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs office;

  Participate in translating and organizing important English publicity materials.

Specialists Conference: 

  Bring in management and services from foreign intelligence programs;

  Accept job applications from abroad, qualification examination and employment for foreign teachers;

  Undertake the reception for foreign teachers, and management offor experts’ apartments and their relevant affairs;

  Invite experts to short-term lectures and cooperative research programs, execute monitoring projects, and manage project results;

  Manage the awarding for honorary professors and honorary doctors and the employment of guest professors and researchers;

  Deal with the “111 subject innovation and talent introduction plan” (talent introduction base) and related affairs.

  ***Highlighting Information——Higher institutions subject innovation and talent introduction plan (“111” plan)***

  Higher Institutions Subject Innovation and Talent Introduction Plan (“111” projectlan) is organized by the Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts, by means of building an architectural innovation base that , increasincreases es the number involvement of overseas talents, gathers a group of world first-class talent in higher institutions, enhances the level of introducingcontribution of foreign intelligence, promotes the fusion of overseas talents and domestic research backbones, accomplishes a high level of cooperation on research and academic exchanges, constructs a number of subjects with innovativeon ability and enhances higher institutions’ science and technology innovativeon ability and comprehensive all-round competitiveness.

  The “111 pproject” targets the forefront of international disciplineat the international discipline development forefront. With the national goals and disciplines atof cutting-edge levels, as well asor of the national priority in theof higher education institutions in mind, this project, takesing the national key disciplines as the basis and the national, provincial and ministerial key research base as a platform, to introduce and gather more than 1000 overseas academic masters and, academic backbonestrengths from the edge discipline teams in the world's top 100 universities or research institutions. It aims to form a high-caliber research team with a number of domestic excellent domestic scientific research backbones, to construct aroundapproximately 100 world top-ranking discipline innovation bases, to accomplish global impact throughthe research achievements of global impact, and to improve the higher education institutions’ overall standards and international status.

  Our school performed this “111 pproject” application in 2012 and successfully gained approval successfully. Since 2013, the project has been executed continuously for two years. Our discipline innovation base, supported by the “985 project” science and technology innovation platform, consistently takes the discipline construction as athe core focus and the talent team construction of a talented team as our priority, allowingletting them to play to their own advantages. With the core work of team building and the extension of subject direction in mind, we proactively innovate and facilitate the introduction of overseas intellectual resources with various forms, providing support for the key discipline construction of our university.

Go abroad on public duty:

  Manage the approval and declaration concerning the teachers and students’ outbound tour on public duty.

  Cooperate with the university to get back the business licenses of the staff going abroad.

  Deal with related procedures and certification of the school’s important visiting groups.

  Forward information concerning study abroad program for all kinds of teachers and organize the application and declaration.

  Manage the application and declaration concerning the study reassigning, extension and other changes for the staff studying aboard.

  Provide related statistical data and information for competent departments of our university.

Delegation projects: 

  The promotion, selection, declaration and other related work concerning the “graduate students on government sponsorship studying aboard project for the construction of high level university.”

  Related affairs on projects of cooperative education and international schools.

  Coordination and management on the “Chinese-foreign cooperation in students training project” “

  Under the cooperation agreement framework within and beyond TTJU SJU, school of Architecture regularly carries out the following activities every year:

Projects on government sponsorship: 

  It refers to the The pprogram funded by the Foundation College of China Scholarship Council (FCCSC) for students to exchange and study in overseas higher education institutions. It covers the outstanding undergraduate program, the graduate program on government sponsorship, graduate project on government sponsorship for the construction of a high-level university.

Sino-foreign cooperation in education: 

  It refers theThe students training program applied by our university and overseas higher education institutions with the approval of the Mministry of Eeducation. The core courses and teaching staff of this project give priority to overseas higher education institutions. The tuition standard is set out separately and undertaken by the students. According to this project, a few programs can award both Chinese and foreign degrees.

Joint Training Program 

  Joint training program refers to“*+*”mode programs which are conducted at undergraduate and graduate student levels by approving learning processes and credits between TJU and many universities home and abroad. Through joint training program students can receive diplomas issued by TJU or universities providing such programs home and abroad according to different programs when students meet the requirement of both sides. Students should pay for joint training programs themselves.

Credit Exchange Program 

  Credit exchange programs provide undergraduate or graduate students on full-time courses with the opportunity to study in a foreign university for a semester or a year. Students will noon’t be conferred a degree when they study abroad. The credit will be transferred and approved according to the report cardacademic results.

  This program includes the exchange program and the visiting program :  

  Items of exchange programs:

  Items of visiting programs:

  Universities which have signed the exchange student agreement with TJU only

  No limit on universities, organized by SAF

  Limited places

  Adequate places

  No need to pay the tuition fee of universities abroad

  Need to pay the tuition fee of universities abroad

  Need to pay the tuition fee of TJU

  Need to pay the tuition fee of TJU

  Need to pay for other expenses (living expenses, tickets, etc.)

  Need to pay for other expenses (living expenses, tickets, etc.)

  Applications and approvals of TJU are required

  Applications and approvals of TJU are required

  Credit should be transferred in TJU (undergraduate students only)

  Credit should be transferred in TJU (undergraduate students only)


Short-term Exchange Program

  This program includes short-term outbound exchange program and TJU international summer school:

  1.‘Short-term exchange program’ refers to various holiday learning and research program conducted between TJU and universities home and abroad. This program generally has nothing to do with credit. The time span of a short-term exchange program varies from 2 to 6 weeks. Students should pay for this program themselves.

  2.‘TJU international summer school’ refers to an exchange program for students from TJU’s cooperation partners. Generally, TJU will invite students from Georgia Institution of Technology, Case Western Reserve University, Queensland University and other famous universities to have academic and cultural courses here as well as hold a series of exchange activities during May to July annually. At that time TJU will select volunteer students for it.