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Institute of Architectural History and Theory


  Currently, there are 15 teachers in the institute, including 5 professors, 3 associate professors, and 7 lecturers. As to their age structure, 1 teacher more than 60, 1 teacher between 50 and 60, 3 teachers between 41 and 50, and 10 teachers between 30 and 40. We are a team with highly academic level, including Wang Qiheng, the national-famous professor; Xu Subin, the” talent of the new century” by Ministry of Education; and the teaching group of the national level. The degree level of our team is high: 12 are PhD and the 3 are master, and our education backgrounds are internationally: 3 have PhD degree in Japan, including one Japanese, 1 has PhD degree in France, two people once had further study in Europe and one people once had further study in America.

Deputy director