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Department of Urban and Rural Planning


This program has 25 faculty members, including eight professors, twelve associate professors, five lecturers, and all mid-age and junior faculty have doctoral degree. The whole teaching and research faculty possess first-tier university education background in China or abroad. Faculty members in our department are all extremely qualified and diversified. In the long development and expansion of the department, it has formed a professional and diversified teaching and research team with a reasonable structure and solid professional skills. Among faculty members, we have the field’s accreditation members of the Academic Degrees Committee under the State Council, national registered planner exam proposition expert and steering committee member of the national college of urban and rural planning, the national college of urban and rural planning specialist assessment committee. Professors in our department host and participate in the conclusion of Tianjin city character and style conservation area regulations, green residential area and the environmental noise control and other ten local standards, and in the writing of the national registered planner textbook. They also undertake the task of designing the national registered planner exam. In recent years, the department has dispatched more than 10 temporary teachers to the remote mountain areas and areas inhabited by minority nationalities such as Jiangxi, Fujian and Inner Mongolia, offering strategic consultations for the local construction. At the same time, our department involved in the establishment of two journals: City Space Design and City Environment Design and provides editors and experts for other 20 kinds of core journals.

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