TJU Students Win First Prize in Architectural Design

Date:2017-10-24    From:Tianjin University

Congratulations to UIA-HYP Cup first-prize winners from School of Architecture in Tianjin University! This year witnesses the successful organization of the fifth UIA-HYP Cup 2017 International Student Competition in Architectural Design. Under the topic of “Transformation and Reconquest”, a group of talented students from TJU, with their work Always an Escape, won the first prize among 3000 teams enrolled in the competition.

The work Always an Escape designed by Chen Yimin, Zhang Shiyao and Bi Xuejiao from Tianjin University creates a pure land with the image of mountains in cities that is shielded from sight. The building has two distinct faces: outwardly, the building is a pure square concrete box while the inside is a fa?ade covered with rough rocks, forming an original ‘mountain’ texture. “We hope to give people a spiritual sustenance by arousing people's perception of nature,” said Chen Yimin, one of the designers.

UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition in Architectural Design is the sole annual international architecture competition for students in Mainland China that receives the support of Union International des Architects (UIA). It is a platform for global architecture students to approach the theme “Architecture in Transformation”, and for the rest of the world to check out the latest trend of Chinese architectural education. This year’s competition with the topic of “Transformation and Reconquest” was co-hosted by Schools of Architecture from both Tianjin University and South China University of Technology, and Urban Environment Design(UED)Magazine Press. For more information about this competition, please click here.


By Gong Yiwei
Editors: Yin Wei and Doris Harrington