An Art Feast:Architectural Cultural Heritage Exhibition

Date:2018-04-16    From:
The School of Architecture held the Architectural Cultural Heritage Exhibition on April 7, 2018 during the Crabapple Blossoms Festival. The exhibition had two parts.
One shows the architectural archives designed by Yangshi Lei, an outstanding royal architectural design family in the Qing Dynasty. Their representative works included the Imperial Palace, the Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden, the Summer Palace and the Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty.
The exhibition introduced the brilliant achievements the Yangshi Lei family has made over eight generations, as well as the valuable architectural archives. It is worth mentioning that the Exhibition of the Yangshi Lei Architectural Archives has been held in many other countries since 2006, such as France, Britain, South Korea, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore.
The second part of the exhibition showed the excellent designs by alumni of the School of Architecture. The exhibited works not only speak for the educational achievements of Tianjin University, but also reflects how TJU architecture alumni contributed to the development and construction of Chinese modern cities.
Written By Li Dongjie
Editors: Yin Wei & Doris Harrington